Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Sam's results came back and he rated "average" in all areas of his psych evaluation for school.  Just like his momma...I am good with average.  There are areas that Sam is above average in that he was not tested on...dance skills, showing love, running like a wild man and singing on key.  Yes he is four and he has a lot of time to prove himself to teachers and his mom. You are created just as God intended you to be sweet boy!  The last thing checked off of our list. Now to wait on our enrollment letter...

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Testing day

This morning Sam and I headed over to a psychologist office for him to be tested in order to attend my private Christian school next year.  He came back down the hallway running after 45 minutes of questions. The lady said he did a great job and that he was "smart".

When we got to,the elevator I asked him " What did Miss Jennifer ask you?". He said "she asked me what I do when it rains?". I paused and thought about what we actually do when it rains...yep you got it right....we run like crazy to the car!  I asked him what was your answer? He says " You use an umbrella momma!". Thank God for picture books. I might need to amp up on my parenting skills. It made me take a step back and evaluate all that I model for him.

Reminds me to be mindful of all that I say and do around him.  Good day.  Summer is a comin!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Looking forward to summer

It is cinco de mayo and cold and raining outside.  Brrrr!  Bring on the heat. We are ready for summer fun.  Here is a view of the dolphins feeding at Seabrook island and Kiawah last summer
Can't wait to do it again!.

Monday, April 22, 2013


We made it to the number 4. It may take a week or two before Sam will quit saying that he is 31/2.  Unfortunately we had to stay home from school on his birthday due to a fever last night. We are doing better today but had to obey the 24 hr rule.

He always likes to talk about the orphanage and when we met. He likes the idea that I chose him.  One day the story will turn into God chose him for me.  So thankful for God's sovereignty in my life.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Day before the big #4

It has been along time since I have been on this blog. Life is great with Sam! In the last year we have dealt with tubes in the ears and constant troubles with allergies and bronchitis. We are on the mend right now with another antibiotic. This birthday will be the last one that we celebrate on April 22. His new birth certificate says August 20th. We all know this is incorrect since I was given the referral in June when he was 2 months old, but it would require a new birth certificate from Ethiopia. Not trying to make that miracle happen at this point in life. So taxes are done and now we need to make his new name get on the social security card. It is always something. We are looking forward to the summer time and spending time at seabrook island and MO. It seems like I did much of my writing when I was down at Seabrook. Easy to write when you are at the beach! Thankful for my life and the people in it. Don't ever want to take that for granted. Welcome back bloggers!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Where has the Summer gone?

This has been the best summer of my life! Sam and I have had so much fun. After his circumcision, everything got a lot more fun for him. We ended up going to Mexico Beach in Fla. For a week and them to Missiouri for 2 weeks. It was so great getting to see friends and family. I feel quite blessed to have had this time.

In two days I go back to work and Sam goes to a new baby sitter. I am nervous. Why? Not quite sure. I know he will be ok, I think it migt be me that will not be ok. I still have not gotten us in the mode of getting up early. Oh well,it will happen soon enough.

I am feeling so blessed. I have met so many strangers in the last 6 months due to Sam's eyes and lashes. Through it all, I have enjoyed telling his story. God continues to receive the glory in all of it. I have new friends who are traveling back to Ethiopia soon to get their little garland I am envious of them. I miss the people in Addis Ababa. I miss Ethiopia. I know one day we will return. Thank God for a wonderful summer and time spent with family and friends.

God is perfect.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Snip snip...

Yes, we finally made the appointment and fixed Sam's manhood. I don't know who was more stressed out. I am sure he was in more physical pain, but I will tell you my emotional toilet was flushed by the end of the day. This day does have a bit of humor/drama to it.

I had received a check in the mail that I was going to cash to help pay for his surgery. So off to the bank to do so. Our appointment was at 12:30 and I also needed to mail a few letters. The convenient thing was there was a mailbox at the site where he had his appointment. Great! So I reached into my purse and pulled out the 2 envelopes and threw them into the mailbox. Off we went to the 8th floor and I proceeded to pay for his balance and the money was gone. But...there was a letter still in my purse. What? Yep...I had mailed the envelope full of cash from the bank at the mailbox. You can imagine the look on my and the secretary's face.

So, thank God the mail truck doesn't come until 1:15. We dash downstairs and take post for the mailman. He never showed, but I did spot a mail truck down the street and finally saw the driver. Turns out all mail persons have a universal key and I was able to get my money and mail my letter. :)

Back up to the 8th floor where I have represented myself in a very poor fashion. Turns out, my shirt was on backwards the whole time. We went in to see the PA, who put some numbing cream and "stickers" on Sam and were given instructions with what to do with our time until 3:00 when the procedure would take place. Again, in my head I say "What?" I thought we were just getting this thing cut and we were out. No. Off to the pharmacy and the maze of halls to get pain meds with codeine.

Sam was such a big boy. When we finally got called into the office at 3:00, we had to sit for about 10 minutes. I heard the cries of about 3 different little kids. He didn't notice, but I was taking it all in. (ADD) Oh man, I need to get myself psyched for this. The picture above is what they strapped him into while doing the surgery. They gave him a dum dum and I held his head and a book to distract from the operation. Seriously, I am so thankful that this day is over.

Now we are on the mend. The common phrase right now is "Mommy, it hurts!" Oh my gosh, that just kills me, but all is looking good down there. I have been so lucky to have such a good boy. God has been in every step and I will conitnue to trust him to take care of this healing as well.

The top pics are pre and post surgery.

That is our story and I am glad it is over. God is perfect.